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In November 2002, Mr. Strafaci partnered with Frank Chow,DPT, OCS and David Im, DPT, to form a new corporation, Functional Physical Therapy, Inc. This new practice began treating physical therapy patients, with a doctor’s referral, at the Pasadena office and shares the same facilities with Functional Fitness. These patients were and are currently being treated by Dr.s Im and Chow.

Functional Physical Therapy was formed with the intention to offer patients the ability to receive a broad continuum of care with its relationship with Functional Fitness.Patients who are discharged from the outpatient physical therapy setting of Functional Physical Therapy are offered the chance to continue a lifestyle of wellness and fitness by starting a program with Functional Fitness.

Oftentimes, the physical therapists of Functional Physical Therapy work with the trainers of Functional Fitness to provide individuals with a program that is unique to their post-rehab needs. Similarly, clients of Functional Fitness may elect to seek the professional help of a licensed physical therapist from Functional Physical Therapy with their orthopaedic and neurological concerns.

In January of 2006, Functional Physical Therapy, Inc. opened a second facility under the dba of Functional Physical Therapy and Fitness in Arcadia, California. Mr. Strafaci serves this corporation as Treasurer and Director of Personal Training Services, Dr. Chow serves as Director of Physical Therapy Services in Arcadia and Dr. Im serves as Director of Physical Therapy Services in Pasadena.

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